Decorative Concrete

Your house should be unique to you, and the perfect way to achieve this is decorative concrete. During installation, we can stamp and/or colour your concrete, giving it any appearance you desire, be it a wood plank theme, slate-rock style, or even a tile-inspired look. We’ve been ‘decorating’ for over ten years, so we know the patience and effort needed to create the perfect decorative touch for your project. Stamping and colouring gives concrete that extra flair to add uniqueness and style, all while maintaining concrete’s unrivalled strength. These decorative touches are maintenance free and easy to clean, making it an easy choice. Watch your driveway, path, or entire floor transform into any pattern you dream of with Smart Building Solutions.

Some examples include:

  • Exposed finish
  • Broom finish
  • Stamped

Concrete Decks and Patios

Decorative Concrete Patio FloorMore and more people are choosing to build their decks and patios with concrete. With our proper equipment and techniques, you too can have a superior deck/patio. Traditionally built with wood, people would lay tile, wood decking, or vinyl products overtop of their decking. Concrete is also easy to clean but, unlike tiles, can withstand the harsh Canadian freeze and thaw cycles it is subjected to. We lay a foundation of plywood wrapped in waterproof material which is laid out on top of the joists, then add an inch and a half to three inch of concrete overtop, creating a solid, long-lasting, and gorgeous deck.

Concrete Countertops

When you think countertops, you don’t usually picture concrete up there as you’re thinking of cutting vegetables or kneading dough. Concrete countertops are an excellent alternative option for both interior and exterior applications. They’re easy to clean, very long lasting and durable, and with proper sealing they’re also antibacterial. Concrete countertops also make great barbeque stations and add hearty character to fireplace hearths.

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