Polished Concrete

Used on both old and new concrete floors, grinding and polishing is the perfect final touch to any concrete floor. Concrete floors actually attract dirt and dust but by grinding and polishing, we can make your floor 100% dust-free. The trick is the chemical densifier, which fills the pores and hardens the floor. Because of this, polished concrete needs less cleaning and maintenance, and is veritably dust free.

The Concrete Polishing Process

Polishing ConcreteWe start by grinding the concrete down to the desired smoothness (basically sanding the concrete), then polish it to a showroom finish. You can choose either a grind to give it an exposed rock look, or you can polish the cream on the surface. Not only does this make your concrete look brand new, it also increases the concrete’s abrasion resistance by 500%. It will look slick enough to slip on, but is naturally slip resistant. The chemicals also harden the surface, making it even more durable than before. We also use grinding to remove curing agents, bond breakers, and tire marks.

A Cost Effective Solution For A New Look

Polished Concrete FloorMaking use of the existing concrete, polishing gives your floor a brand new look without consuming any more materials, making it a great, sustainable way to give your concrete floors a new look.

Smart Building Solutions uses a streamlined system with a walk behind unit, which means we get your work done faster. The same, eight foot machine that finishes the concrete floor on new floors, also quickly switches applications and becomes a grinder/polisher with the attachment of diamond disks. And, it is a wet system, which reduces the spread of concrete dust. After we’re done, we suck it all up with a slurry vac, leaving a clean, shiny floor.

We can apply this to any home, garage, shop, industrial and commercial building.

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